Do You Need New Windows?

If you have a little extra money to invest in your property, if you would like to spend your tax return wisely in 2013, or if you have just started to realize that your home is looking a little outdated, then you might be considering a professional window replacement project. You have likely heard about the energy efficiency and the financial benefits that can come with the installation of new windows, but do you really need them yet? Would there be a better way to spend your hard earned money?

It is a big upfront cost to consider as new windows are not cheap. Therefore, it is wise to seriously consider the windows that you already have to determine whether or not it is really time to put forth the cash to improve them. Austin window replacement specialists should not try to sell you on something that you don’t need. They should give an unbiased evaluation of the windows that you have in place, of their weaknesses and strengths and should provide information on what new windows would offer. Before you even call them in, however, consider the following tests to figure out how reliable your current windows are.

  • The Moisture Test Run a finger along the edges of your windows in the morning. Does the surface feel damp? Do you see moisture between the window panes? Is there mold growing on or around the frames. There are many signs of moisture problems and all should be treated with the utmost respect. Chipping or bubbling paint, for instance, can suggest that moisture is leaking in from the window and as that moisture builds up and sits on the on the wood and walls it can create very serious problems, including mold and rot. If there is a lot of moisture build up in, on, or around your windows, then you will definitely want to do something to correct the problem. That might mean new windows.
  • Counting Even a Kindergartener can help you with this test. All you have to do is count the panes of glass in your window frame. Is there a single pane or have two been fit into the frame with air between them? The air between two panes of glass acts as a source of insulation, stopping heat transfer that would otherwise occur between the indoors and out. How many panes do your windows have? If there is only one pane, then you definitely should consider new windows.
  • Candle Test This doesn’t actually depend on you having a candle, as the same results can be determined in several different ways. The old fashioned candle test involves a candle being set before a closed window. If the flame dances about or is blown out, then there is a serious draft issue and the windows are not doing what they should. Similarly, a piece of saran wrap taped to the window frame should not dance in the breeze when the window is closed and the curtains shouldn’t be blown around either. Some windows have such bad drafts that a person can hear the wind whistling through them.

If it is decided that you do need new windows, call a Killeen window replacement specialist, but be sure to approach contractors correctly. While most professionals in this industry are good, honest people, not all are. That being said, do not let them talk you into something that you don’t want, do not suggest that you are considering replacing all windows until they have given you an opinion on the condition of your existing windows. They should provide honest and intelligent analysis of the window(s) you mentioned and you should feel good about the answers they provide to any questions that you may have.